10 Reasons to Choose Angeles Health as Your Stem Cell Application Provider! Part 2

This article continues on from 10 Reasons to Choose Angeles Health as Your Stem Cell Application Provider!

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  1. Price. Although the stem cell application trials at Angeles Health are “patient funded”, we do actually subsidize a considerable proportion of the full cost of the therapy.
  2. A beautiful hospital environment! Our hospital in Tijuana has been described by some of our US and Canada based patients as being “immaculately clean”, “state-of-the-art” and one patient even said it was better than any hospital she had been to in the US!
  3. A warm, friendly reception and superior patient care. Our staff are known for being extremely attentive, helpful, friendly, welcoming and professional. After experiencing their Mexican hospitality you will want to come back to Angeles Health!
  4. Our convenient location. We are situated just across the US/Mexico border over the San Ysidro crossing. To drive from San Diego to our facility takes just 20 minutes! This is helped by the exclusive medical tourism lane that is in operation at the border, meaning all medical tourists get to jump the queue and beat any traffic!
  5. Seamless customer service. From your first call to our reliable and knowledgeable case management team  (call 1.866.668.9263 or 1.619.621.2800) , to your travel home and after-care, we look after our patients and place great value on communicating with you in an open and supportive way.

Which stem cell application organizations are you going to research further? Whichever they may be, by placing Angeles Health on your list you are making a positive decision towards better health. If your chosen method of communication is receiving a call from one of our expert case managers, please fill in the form on the right and they will call you back to answer your questions thoroughly.

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