Acid Attack Model Katie Piper Gets Eyesight Back With Stem Cell Application

Former model and up and coming TV presenter Katie Piper appeared on television in the UK on Tuesday as she has had successful stem cell application to correct her sight.

Katie Piper's sight has improved

Katie Piper's sight has improved

In 2008 Piper was partially blinded in her left eye when her ex-partner splashed sulphuric acid in her face. In addition she suffered severe burns on her face and extensive damage to her eye area.

In November 2011 Piper underwent stem cell application in West Sussex. Doctors used stem cells from the cornea of a donor, which they harvested and then inserted into Katie’s damaged eye.

The procedure has eliminated all abnormal cells and the new stem cells have been activating her healthy cells, causing them to multiply.

In her documentary, Katie: The Science of Seeing Again, Katie said that although she has had 110 operations on her third degree burns, she never imagined anything could be done about her eyesight.

“Of all my injuries, it’s the damage to my left eye that has the most impact,” Katie says during filming. “The hardest part is not being able to see anything on one side. In crowded places, it leaves me feeling scared and vulnerable.”

Watch the documentary Katie: The Science of Seeing Again here.

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