Brain Injury Awareness Month: The Crucial Role of Stem Cells in Treating Brain Injury

brain injuryMarch is brain injury awareness month. 24 million people will suffer from brain injury every year as the result of a fall or a stroke. To raise awareness of the impact of brain injury on individuals and their families and the importance of quick reactions and immediate treatment, medical organizations all over America are talking about brain injury.

Treating Brain Injury

The brain is made up of a complex web of nerves, which all interlink to provide our body with every single function, from conscious movements, to memory, to involuntary actions like swallowing, sneezing and breathing.  Damage to brain cells following trauma to the head can result in inflammation and permanent neurological damage.  Depending on the area and extent of the damage, a person who has suffered from brain trauma may lose or experience a reduction in brain activity. This can be anything, from loss of senses (e.g. sight, smell), to loss of language, memory loss and paralysis.

Following brain trauma, there are few pharmaceutical options to treat the loss of brain cells. Often (about 50% of the time), patients who have suffered a severe head injury will need to undergo surgery to remove or repair burst blood vessels or bruised tissue.

Stem Cell Treatment Following Brain Trauma

There is a critical window of time following brain injury from an accident or stroke. In this time, stem cells can be used to reduce inflammation in the brain. This stem cell application has also been shown to improve long term cognitive improvement, limiting the long term damage to the brain as it helps to heal damage and promote the growth of new, healthy channels within the brain to replace damaged and destroyed ones.

At Stem Cell Application Mexico we use adult derived stem cells to treat traumatic brain injury and stroke as well as neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. The non-invasive procedure requires no anesthesia; normally a patient’s own stem cells or donated (allogeneic) stem cells are taken from fat and treated before being reintroduced into the blood stream. Our specialized catheterization procedure is low risk and helps us to target the affected area with the stem cells, helping to promote the healing and growth of healthy tissue in the affected area.

Low Risk Stem Cell Application

At Stem Cell Application Mexico we understand our patients’ need to find the right balance for their care. Patients deserve the best facilities, the best doctors and the highest quality healthcare in Mexico. As part of the Angeles Health Network, Stem Cell Application Mexico is internationally accredited and contributes to best practice in stem cell application.

Forming part of a network of 24 hospitals, Stem Cell Application is performed at Hospital Angeles Tijuana, a multi discipline hospital complete with ED, Intensive care unit, on site laboratories and blood bank, 12 operating theaters and a radiology department. The facilities, qualifications and quality of staff and equipment mean that every patient is in safe hands in the unlikely event that complications should arise.

Recovering from brain injury is traumatic and hard work. However, with the help of Stem Cell Application Mexico we can help you to recover more brain function, with much better long term outcomes. If you or someone you know suffers from a neurodegenerative condition, or has suffered from brain trauma, get in touch to see if stem cell application could give you your life back.

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