Clinical trials for Stem Cell MS Treatment

Scientists at Imperial College in London are conducting a major clinical trial on whether stem cells can treat multiple sclerosis in a safe and beneficial way.

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Hopefully stem cell application can slow down, stop or even reverse damage already caused by MS to the brain and spinal cord.

150 patients from all over Europe will take part in the study which is due to commence towards the end of 2011.

Imperial College physician Dr. Paolo Muraro said: “There is very strong pre-clinical evidence that stem cells might be an effective treatment.”

Researchers will take stem cells from the patients’ bone marrow. Before re-injecting the stem cells into the patient’s bloodstream the researchers will grow them in the laboratory. Having been specifically manipulated the stem cells will then travel to the patients’ brain and it is hoped they will repair the damage done by multiple sclerosis.

The study is partially funded by the UK MS Society.

“These experiments have confirmed that these stem cells hold that potential – but these need to be confirmed in large scale clinical trials,” said Dr. Doug Brown of the MS Society.

In the UK MS is the most common neurological disease that affects young people. Globally it is estimated that there are three million people with multiple sclerosis, 100,000 of which are in the UK.

Chair of the UK Stem Cell Foundation Sir Richard Sykes is hopeful about the possibilities of stem cell application: “I am delighted that we have at last progressed stem cell research to this stage, which will bring much-needed hope to so many people affected by this devastating condition.”

Angeles hospital in Mexico

Angeles hospital in Mexico

Stem cell application at Angeles hospital in Mexico treats various conditions including MS. For more information please contact us using the form on the right.

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  1. Very interesting! I work with an oranization, Good Days from Chronic Disease Fund, and it is our mission to help chronic disease patients get the medical care they need, at an affordable price. Visit our website to learn how to support our cause

  2. Gertrude says:

    I really apperciate free, succinct, reliable data like this.

  3. Eileen Jordan says:

    have MS and could not find anyone that has been treated for MS at Angla’s . If you have been treated please respond with treatment type and how well it worked for you . Thank you

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