How do you harvest Stem Cells?

harvesting stem cellsHere at Stem Cell MX we use adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) as opposed to Embryonic Stem Cells (ESCs). Aside from the ethical issues surrounding the use of ESCs, which come from fertilized test-tube eggs around 10 days after fertilization, it has been found that, although ESCs have the potential to multiply at a far greater rate than MSCs, actual treatment using adult stem cells is more successful.
Adult stem cells are present in any living being, from birth. We find stem cells in a number of sources, including bone marrow, umbilical cord blood and our own blood, but most recently doctors discovered an abundance of stem cells in our adipose tissue (fat). We harvest stem cells from bone marrow or adipose tissue. Harvesting from adipose tissue is our preferred method of stem cell extraction as it yields the highest number of stem cells and is a simple, non-invasive treatment.
The extraction process:
For every condition other than CHF and Stroke we use autologous stem cell application (where we use your own stem cells) is the best route for you, then before the procedure we will need to extract your stem cells. This is a fairly simple procedure that takes less than an hour and patients are conscious throughout, although some patients prefer to undergo the treatment under a mild sedative.
We use local anesthetic for the adipose fat removal, which is conducted by Dr Castaneda, an experienced cosmetic surgeon. We extract the fat and put it through a process called Centrifusion, which separates the stem cells from fat cells. Using this method we are able to obtain around 300,000,000 stem cells. Then they are reintroduced back into the body. The method of reintroduction depends on which treatment you are receiving.
If you need stem cell application to treat CHF or after a stroke, we will use donor cells. If your treatment is allogeneic (using donor cells), cells closely matching your DNA will be taken from our donor bank, which contains donated cells that have been harvested, treated and store in a way compliant with FDA guidelines.
The world of stem cell research is growing rapidly and we do our best to be at the forefront of the progression. We endeavor to bring you new treatments and procedures in the stem cell arena.
If you are interested in any of our stem cell programs then get in touch today.

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