Medical Tourism in Mexico

Mexico is an incredibly popular destination for medical tourists and over two million North Americans travel there every year for medical, health and dental services. The border between the US and Mexico is often considered an ideal location for specialist procedures.
What makes Mexico so attractive is that there little to no waiting lists and procedures and pharmaceuticals cost up to 75% less than in the US and Canada.
Cross-border healthcare has already been operating in Southern California, Arizona and Texas for over 10 years.



Mexico has a multi-billion dollar tourism industry as many individuals migrate there yearly as a vacation spot. Mexico offers tourists a vast array of opportunities. Some highlights of Mexico include its gorgeous beaches, historical cities from the time of the Spanish colony, and archaeological sites which include sites such as the Maya, Ulmeca, and Azteca. Other interesting things to do in Mexico are visit one of the National Parks, hike one of their many mountains or enjoy a round of golf.


The official language in Mexico is Spanish and English is the second most commonly spoken language. Many Mexicans also speak Nahual, which is a Native American language.


Roman Catholic 89%, Protestant 6%, other 5%


Mexico has a generally tropical climate. The coast receives some rainfall but the majority of the country is dry. The South is usually hot and humid.

Staying in Touch

All of Mexico’s leading hotels and hospitals have email access and internet services, and translation services are available. Internet cafes are also becoming very popular in other tourist destinations.

Angeles Hospital, Mexico

Angeles Hospital, Mexico

Stem Cell Application in Mexico

Stem cell application is a popular option and it can treat many medical conditions. Angeles Health International, Mexico’s largest hospital network, incorporates a stem cell Center of Excellence, providing stem cell application of the highest standard. To learn more please contact us using the form on your right.

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