Stem cell shot for heart attacks

A medical breakthrough has been made that means heart attack patients are to be injected with a shot of stem cells. This stem cell application will heal and repair damaged blood vessels and muscles in the heart, preventing further attacks.

Results from provisional tests have been very encouraging and in late 2011 a huge advanced trial of British patients is due to begin.

Heart Conditions

If this groundbreaking stem cell application is a success then it may be implemented in Britain’s National Health Service, the NHS, within the next five years.

This stem cell application is different as the cells used are not taken from the patient after having a heart attack; instead they are grown in advance from adult donors and can be stored to be used when necessary.

In the UK heart disease is the leading cause of death, with one person falling victim every six minutes.

20 to 30 percent of heart attack patients do not benefit from traditional treatment because they either have an attack that is too severe to be treated or they arrive at the hospital too late. A common treatment for patients is a balloon angioplasty where blocked arteries are reopened by inserting a balloon that inflates once inside.

The majority of patients benefit from this procedure, although some develop heart failure, which is when damage to the heart spreads.

stem cells

Stem cell application helps as Revascor, the stem cell application in question, can be injected into the artery during the angioplasty procedure to prevent further heart damage. This can be carried out up to twelve hours post heart attack.

Stem cell application for heart conditions is already being carried out at Angeles hospital in Mexico. Fill in the form on the right and we will get back to you with all the necessary information.

Angeles hospital in Mexico

Angeles hospital in Mexico

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