Stem Cell Application Offers Hope For Parkinson’s Sufferers

92031791Parkinson’s disease is a condition where the dopamine-producing nerve cells are slowly destroyed. This inhibits the message network between the brain and body, resulting in loss of movement, twitching or rigidity. Whilst there are drug programs that help Parkinson’s patients cope with their symptoms, the only known possibility for curing, slowing or reversing the progression of Parkinson’s disease is stem cell application.

About Stem Cells

Stem cells are unspecialized cells, which are cells that have not yet turned into specific cells. Through a process call differentiation, stem cells can turn into specialized cells, for example, brain, heart or liver cells. Stem cells can self-renew, dividing over and over again to make more stem cells. Stem cells are generated in the bone marrow can be found in blood and fat, as they are released from the bone marrow to the blood system.

Stem cells float around our system maintaining cells, fixing little bits of damage or wear and tear. Normally, if there is damage within the body, such as an accident, a bruise or a cut, the damaged part of the body sends a message to the bone marrow, asking for additional stem cells. The damaged area releases molecules that will attract stem cells to the right place. The extra stem cells will travel to the damaged site where they will differentiate to become new cells for the required site and do their best to fix damaged cells.

The easiest way to picture this is if you think about a cut. It bleeds, it hurts, your body sends for the “maintenance guy” (the stem cells) and the cells patch up the damage. The worse the damage, the longer it takes to heal and to make new cells. Sometimes, in cases of severe damage, or a deep cut, a scar remains even after healing.

Can You Treat A Disease If You Don’t Know The Cause?

Whilst it is true that the underlying causes of Parkinson’s disease are unknown, we do know the areas of the brain and the particular type of cell that are affected by the disease.  This means that we are able to manipulate stem cells to go to the site of the damage and regrow new, healthy cells. It is even possible that stem cell application can encourage the healing of existing, otherwise irreversible, damage.

In our stem cell application treatment for Parkinson’s we use a patient’s on stem cells that have been taken from adipose tissue (fat). This is a very simple, non-invasive procedure that yields high numbers of stem cells. These stem cells have the ability to turn into almost any other cell in the body; because that is their job!

Using Adult Autologous Stem Cell Application, we are able to give the brain the opportunity to recover some of the damage caused by Parkinson’s. Of course, everybody is different so we can’t guarantee a complete cure. However, there is no doubt that we can use a patient’s own stem cells in order to address some of the damage caused by Parkinson’s disease.

At Stem Cell Application Mexico we are passionate about the potential of stem cells and their ability to heal the body with minimal discomfort and disruption for the patient. As BioHeart Center of Excellence we are well respected in the world of stem cell application and are respected by professional bodies in the stem cell world for contributing to best practice and the furtherance of stem cell application.

If you would like to find out more about our treatable conditions, about our stem cell application procedures, or whether stem cell application could help you or someone you love, contact us today.

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