Stem Cell Application Programs

Angeles Health provides both Adult Allogeneic (using donated cells) and Autologous (using your own cells) stem cell application programs and supports over 11 different protocols and conditions.

We obtain Allogeneic stem cells from our technology partner, the Institute of Cellular Therapy, and are the only hospital group in Mexico licensed by the Government to provide treatment and clinical services using allogeneic stem cells. We currently support protocols for stroke patients with our Allogeneic programs.

We work with the Institute of Cellular Therapy for the Autologous program and support over 11 protocols.

Allogeneic Stem Cell Treatments

Angeles Health’s Adult Allogeneic stem cell treatment program uses stem cells manufactured by our technology partner, the Institute of Cellular Therapy.
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Adult Autologous Stem Cell Treatments

Angeles Health has partnered with the Institute of Cellular Therapy, Mexico to provide our Adult Autologous Stem Cell treatment programs. The Institute of Cellular Therapy advocates the use of autologous adult stem cells (patients own stem cells) as they pose no possibility for rejection since they come from same patient.
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The Angeles Process

Serving on average more than 1,200 medical tourism patients every year, U.S. based Angeles Health International is the medical travel division of the largest private hospital family in Mexico.
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Am I Eligible for Treatment?

Find out the criteria for stem cell treatment at Angeles Health.
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