Autologous Guidelines

Here at Stem Cell MX we are members of the International Cellular Medicine Society (ICMS), who provide us with guidelines for harvesting and storing allogeneic adult stem cells.  The ICMS is a non-profit organization representing physicians and researchers from over 35 countries who are committed to the progression of safe and effective stem cell therapies. Together their mission is to “provide Scientifically Credible and Medically Appropriate Treatments to Informed Patients”

The ICMS believes that a patient has the right to use their own stem cells to heal them and that they should be well informed so that they can make an intelligent decision about the best treatment for them. They also believe that institutes pioneering in the field of stem cells should be overseen and given comprehensive guidelines in order for the safe medical advancement of procedures in the field, and the protection of patients.

In order to aid the advancement of this complex field the ICMS has developed a set of comprehensive guidelines for specific fields of stem cell medicine. They focus on the appropriate harvesting and treatment of a patient’s own stem cells, providing guidelines, best practice and code of ethics documents, to encourage development in this fast moving area of medicine, share information and, most importantly for you, ensure that patients are fully informed and receive the highest level of care, on ethical, medical and information based levels.

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