Allogeneic Stem Cell Treatments

instituteOfCellularTherapyAngeles Health’s Adult Allogeneic stem cell application program uses stem cells manufactured by our technology partner the Institute of Cellular Therapy (or Instituto de Terapia Celular).

Through the Institute of Cellular Therapy’s patented and proprietary processes, it harvests the most viable cell colonies and manufactures them in a low oxygen environment, enabling them to yield larger quantities of product at the highest levels of quality and consistency. This process also enables its products to migrate, engraft and provide more measurable, efficacious results compared to other stem cells on the market.

The Institute of Cellular Therapy allows us to treat patients with:

  • Stem cells that are immune privileged – stem cell transplantation does not require immunosuppressant agents.
  • Quality control and safety monitoring and measurement protocols that follow FDA/cGMP guidelines including tumorgenicity and toxicity testing at FDA recognized laboratories.
  • Stem cells with proven reliability, potency and migratory properties.
  • Proprietary Master Banking processes that insure cell preservation and viability.
  • Proven protocols for stem cell transplantation.


Allogeneic Cell Production Process

The Institute of Cellular Therapy's manufacturing is focused on producing best-in-class stem cell lines for research and clinical studies and trials. The Institute of Cellular Therapy is designed and constructed to be in compliance with appropriate FDA regulations including cGMP’s – Current Good Manufacturing Practice and GTP’s – Human Cells, Tissues and Cellular and Tissue-based products.
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Adult only stem cells

Angeles Health works exclusively with adult sourced stem cells which are undifferentiated cells found among differentiated cells in a tissue or an organ. Adult stem cells can either renew themselves or can differentiate themselves to become the major specialized cell types of a tissue or an organ.
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Allogeneic Mesechymal Stem Cells

Allogeneic stem cells are blood-forming stem cells (cells from which all blood cells develop) from a genetically similar, but not identical, donor. Research efforts in the field of stem cell biology have accelerated and intensified during the last few decades and have provided important information on the developmental roles and pathophysiologic responses of stem cells.
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Clinical Experience

Allogeneic stem cells have been used in a number of clinical trials for different indications. These clinical trials demonstrated the safety of allogeneic mesenchymal stem cell treatment.
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