Stem Cell Therapy with the Regenerative Medicine Institute

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The Regenerative Medicine Institute is a stem cell therapy provider for the Angeles Health stem cell therapy program in Mexico. In this video Dr. Jesus Perez talks about the stem cell therapy process and how adipose (fat) derived stem cells are the most effective form of cell therapy. He says the institute has gone further in the accreditation process that any other stem cell provider.

Angeles hospital in Tijuana is part of Mexico’s largest private hospital network and has 100 beds, a heliport, on site lab testing and stem cell processing facilities, as well as all the progressive medical technology one would expect from Mexico’s top medical tourism hospital.

Angeles Hospital

Angeles Hospital

We are currently carrying out some patient-funded clinical trials of stem cell therapy on illnesses like COPD and heart conditions and are working collaboratively with the institute. To find out if our trials are right for you please contact us using the form on the right.

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