Stem Cells: What You Need To Know

Stem cell and Alzheimer'sFor many people the words “Stem Cells” conjure images of controversy, people with placards campaigning against stem cell research.  Maybe it’s not surprising, considering that some people still think that embryonic stem cells are used. The fact is, embryonic stem cells are rarely used; they are becoming a thing of the past and stem cell application, using adult stem cells, are most definitely a thing of all of our futures.

More and more research is being undertaken as the seemingly limitless possibilities of stem cell application are being acknowledged on a wider basis. From treating injuries, to treating and preventing arthritis, to curing or alleviating neurodegenerative conditions, type 2 diabetes and heart conditions, stem cells therapy is, for many people, the best chance of living a healthy life.

Although approval for various stem cell application procedures are slowly being gained in the States, some clinics, such as Stem Cell Application Mexico, are ahead of the game, performing life-changing approved, safe, successful stem cell application on patients with a range of treatable conditions.

If you are confused about stem cells, here’s what you need to know:

Stem cells and their benefits have been researched extensively over the past 30 years and they have been used worldwide with astonishing results. Where previously conditions could only be managed with drugs, stem cells can now be used to reverse, halt and even cure some otherwise untreatable conditions, such as osteoarthritis and COPD.

We all have stem cells in every tissue in our body; each cell is made from a stem cell, and stem cells float around our system to repair or replace damaged or dying cells and tissue. Past studies were based on embryonic stem cells; stem cells are also found in abundance in umbilical cord blood.  At Stem Cell Application Mexico we use adult stem cells, stem cells taken from a donor from our approved FDA compliant stem cell bank, or from the patients themselves.  These cells have the potential to turn into almost any other cell within the body.

Not all stem cells are equal. Different stem cells are destined to become cells of different organs and tissues within the body. We use multi-potent stem cells; stem cells which have the potential to turn into a range of different tissues. We are also one of the only stem cell application providers to introduce stem cells directly into the vein, allowing the stem cells to get straight to the damaged site and start repairing or replacing damaged tissue.

Just as not all stem cells are equal, not all stem cell application providers are equal. Do Regenerative Medicine Institute in Mexico; in addition to performing procedures on patients with a range of conditions, we contribute to best practice in stem cell, research projects and clinical trials. We are committed to the continued investigation into the uses of stem cell application and pioneer to make stem cell application affordable, accessible and safe to medical tourists.

If you would like to know more about stem cell application, contact us for a free consultation.

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