The Future of Stem Cell Application; Healing Liver Damage

Conditions that, previously, have been untreatable, are now treatable using the healing and regenerative powers of stem cells.  Conditions such as heart conditions, COPD, Stroke, Lupus and MS have been successfully treated using stem cell application. Now new research shows the potential for stem cell application to replace liver transplantation in patients with liver disease.

Stem Cell Application

Stem cells are produced in the bone marrow with the potential to become almost any cell within the body. The body utilizes stem cells to heal damage, such as bruising, tears and other damage, in all tissues of the body. Some damage is too severe for our own stem cells to deal with naturally; this is where Stem Cell Application comes in. By stimulating production of excess stem cells in the patient and reintroducing these cells into the patient’s body, or by using donor adult stem cells, it is possible to increase the healing capacity of the body. In this way stem cell application can stop and even reverse damage caused by some condition.

The Study

Liver Disease is the 12th biggest killer in America. Currently, liver transplantation is the primary treatment for patients who have end stage liver disease. However, this new study suggests that it is possible for liver transplantation to be replaced with stem cell application. The research showed that human embryonic stem cells can differentiate to become a newly discovered liver progenitor cells. These progenitor cells can go on to form healthy functional liver cells, replacing damaged cells in patients with liver damage.

The Future

The next phase of this study will be to investigate the use of human adult stem cells and assess whether they can be used to aid liver regeneration. Pre-clinical trials will be conducted to ascertain the effectiveness of human adult stem cells in differentiating into liver cells and repairing existing liver damage.

This is an exciting discovery in the world of stem cell research, and for those with liver damage. Liver transplant is the only current option for many patients with liver damage caused, for example, by hepatitis C. However, the mass shortage of donor livers means that many people are unable to receive the liver transplant that they sorely need. A future where stem cells taken from a simple blood donation can be used to heal and even reverse liver damage heralds a non-invasive, effective treatment of liver disease, with fewer risks and better end results.

Stem Cell Application Mexico

At Stem Cell Application Mexico we use adult stem cells to treat a broad range of treatable conditions, including COPD, heart conditions and kidney damage. A BioHeart Stem Cell Center of Excellence, we contribute to the area of human stem cell research, contributing to best practice and new discoveries all over the world.

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