Other Treatable Conditions

These additional protocols are offered within the Angeles Health Autologous stem cell application program:-

Type 2 Diabetes Treatment with Stem Cell Application

The most common form of diabetes, type 2 diabetes is a chronic illness that is characterized by high blood sugar levels. It is caused by the problematic way in which your body uses or produces insulin. Insulin is necessary in transporting blood sugar, or glucose, to cells where it can be stored for later energy use.
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Critical Limb Ischemia Treatment with Stem Cell Application

Critical limb ischemia is when a patient experiences particular symptoms due to arterial occlusive disease, which is the obstruction of large arteries in the body. The condition is characterized by ulcers, gangrene and pain in one or both legs. It is chronic, therefore lasts a long time. About 500 to 1000 million people suffer with critical limb ischemia every year. Old age, smoking and diabetes increase the risk of this condition. 10% to 40% of critical limb ischemia patients need to have a limb amputated.
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Treatment for Kidney failure with Stem Cell Application

The primary function of the kidney is to remove excess water and waste from the body. Acute kidney failure occurs when the kidneys are suddenly unable to remove waste and concentrate urine without the loss of electrolytes. Chronic kidney failure is the gradual loss of kidney function over time.
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