Glaucoma treatment with Stem Cell Application

Glaucoma Stem Cell Application
The term glaucoma is used to describe several eye conditions that damage the optic nerve, which is the nerve that communicates visual information from the eye to the brain. Often this damage is caused by intraocular pressure, or IOP, which means there is increased pressure in the eye. IOP develops when something blocks the flow of aqueous humor, a clear fluid that is constantly produced and continuously fills the front part of the eye before flowing back out.

The second highest cause of blindness in the United States is glaucoma.

Glaucoma is the second most common cause of blindness in the United States. Glaucoma symptoms can include the gradual loss of peripheral vision (or tunnel vision), severe, sudden pain in one eye, red eye, vomiting, nausea or cloudy vision.

Stem Cell Treatments Offer Relief for People with Glaucoma

As they are able to continuously reproduce themselves stem cells are incredibly good for repairing tissues and renewing compromised cells. Cell division enables them to do this and the fact that they are undifferentiated makes them extra useful. It lets the stem cells mutate into the cells of many different parts of the body. In recent years the science of stem cell application has become more and more sophisticated and there have been exciting new studies and findings.

Angeles Health’s Stem Cell Procedures

The Adult Autologous Stem Cell (A-ASC ) Therapy program treats countless conditions, including glaucoma.  The term ‘autologous adult stem cells’ simply means cells that come from the patient’s body. There is therefore a very low risk of a patient’s body not accepting the cells.

The patient’s adipose tissue, or fat, and bone marrow provides the adult autologous stem cells. Bone marrow extraction is more difficult and less effective than harvesting adipose tissue. Fat tissues have more stem cells, in fact up to ten times more, than bone marrow. Adipose tissue extraction is therefore more commonly used.

To optimize results stem cells are positioned as near as possible to the tissues or organs to be treated. Using the latest technology stem cells can be targeted throughout the body in under one hour. The catheterization process is specialized, non-invasive and easy for the patient as anesthesia does not to be used.

Angeles Health International is a Center of Excellence

Angeles Health International, a Center of Excellence, prides itself on offering glaucoma patients the best and most up to date treatments. Doctors work and learn together to identify and encourage best practice, develop treatment protocols and review findings. Health care professionals at this Center of Excellence specialize in many different areas and follow strict guidelines set by the appropriate bodies of expertise.The highest standards of treatment and investigative research are therefore maintained.

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