Cartilage Repair with Stem Cell Application

Cartilage Repair stem cell applicationCartilage is the flexible connective tissue found in areas like the joints between bones, the nose, the ear, the rib cage, the knee, the elbow, the ankle, the intervertebral discs and the bronchial tubes. It is softer and less rigid than bone but stiffer and more inflexible than muscle.

Cartilage and its functions can become damaged. This can be caused by various things such as a bad fall, a traumatic sports accident, previous knee injuries or general wear and tear that worsens over time. Long term immobilization can result in cartilage damage as well.

Articular cartilage damage of the knee can be present on its own but it is usually found alongside ligament injuries. Those who have had previous surgeries have an increased risk of cartilage damage because the mechanics of the joint may have changed.

Once cartilage has been damaged it usually does not regenerate by itself. This information was first recorded by William Hunter in 1743.

New Stem Cell Application for Cartilage Repair


Adult stem cells are undifferentiated and can morph into the cells of countless tissues, organs and structures within our bodies, including cartilage. Used in many treatments, they restore damaged fibers and rejuvenate impaired cells through cell division, in which they multiply indefinitely. Stem cell science has progressed rapidly in recent years with many new advancements and discoveries being made.

Cartilage Repair at Angeles Hospital in Mexico


Angeles Health’s Stem Cell Application program can be used to treat many conditions and enhance countless cell forms including cartilage. Like many other procedures cartilage repair uses autologous adult stem cells. These are harnessed from the patient themselves so there is very little chance of a patient’s body rejecting new cartilage cells.

Stem cells come from the patient’s bone marrow and adipose tissue, or fat. Adipose tissue extraction tends to be more worthwhile than the extraction of bone marrow, due to the former producing up to ten times more stem cells.

The therapeutic endovascular placement of adipose-derived stem cells that comprises the Stem Cell Application treatment program at Hospital Angeles enables organs and structures to be targeted directly.

The specialized non-invasive catheterization process is easily managed by the patient. Stem cells can be distributed around the body with ease, there is no need for an anesthetic and the procedure is carried out in less than an hour.

Angeles Health International is a Center of Excellence that offers patients the most innovative and high quality therapies for a variety of ailments. Our medical professionals adhere to formally appointed bodies of expertise at all times. Angeles hospital prides itself on maintaining the highest standards of health care and investigative research in stem cell application and all other medical fields.

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