Multiple Sclerosis treatment with Stem Cell Application


Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is an inflammatory disease with a broad spectrum of symptoms. Myelin sheaths on the axons of the spinal cord and brain develop lesions due to this disease. This hinders communication between the nerve cells in the spinal cord and the brain. Symptoms can progress to varying degrees of physical and cognitive disability.

MS is more common in women and most people are see the first signs of the illness as young adults. Multiple sclerosis prevalence ranges from 2 to 150 per 100,000 people. Its symptoms were first described by Jean-Martin Charcot in 1868.

New Stem Cell Treatments Offer Hope for multiple sclerosis patients
Adult stem cells are undifferentiated, which means they can transform into the cells of countless organs and structures within the body. They are useful in many therapies as they restore impaired fibers and renew failing cells due to the process of cell division, in which they multiply indefinitely. Stem cell science has improved vastly over recent years with many new developments and discoveries.

Stem Cell Treatment at Angeles Health
Angeles Health has developed the Adult Autologous Stem Cell (A-ASC ) Therapy program to treat a variety of conditions, including multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis stem cell therapies utilize autologous adult stem cells, which means they come from the patient themselves. This means there is little to no possibility of a patient’s body rejecting the cells.

The adult autologous stem cells come from the patient’s bone marrow and adipose tissue, or fat. Adipose tissue extraction is more effective than bone marrow extraction because the tissue contains more stem cells and can yield up to ten times more stem cells. Bone marrow extraction is also a more difficult process to carry out.

An innovative therapeutic endovascular placement of adipose-derived adult autologous stem cells is used in the Stem Cell Application treatment program at Hospital Angeles. They are the patient’s own cells and are placed as close as possible to the targeted organ or tissues.

The specialized catheterization procedure is not invasive, nor does it challenge the patient medically. Stem cells can be delivered throughout the body, there is no need for anesthesia and it is completed in under an hour.

As a Center of Excellence Angeles Health International offer MS patients innovative therapies of the highest quality and confidence. Collaborative medical practitioners promote and define best practices by measuring results, learning together and establishing treatment protocols. The Center of Excellence works with multi-disciplinary groups of licensed medical professionals who adhere to formally appointed bodies of expertise. This ensures the highest standards of treatment as well as investigative research.

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Inclusion/exclusion criteria

Stem cell application for MS is available at Angeles hospital in Tijuana. Here is the inclusion and exclusion criteria for MS treatment using stem cells:
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