Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease with Stem Cell Application

Alzheimer's Disease stem cell applicationDementia is the loss of brain function that occurs alongside certain diseases. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a form of dementia. It affects thinking, memory and behavior and gradually gets worse over time. For a diagnosis to be made areas such as personality, memory impairment, decision-making ability and language are investigated.

The main Alzheimer’s risks are age and a family history of the disease. Long-term high blood pressure, being female and having a history of head trauma are also thought to contribute, although these risk factors are not as well proven.
Alzheimer’s disease can be early onset, where symptoms appear before the age of 60, or late onset, where symptoms appear after the age of 60. The former is much less common but has more of a genetic link.

It is thought that both genetic and environmental factors contribute to Alzheimer’s disease. The exact cause is not known and it is only by examining brain tissues after death that a 100% diagnosis can be made.
The neurons in the brain of someone with Alzheimer’s disease become destroyed and the presence of chemicals that aid neurotransmitters reduces. Usually cooperative parts of the brain become disconnected.

New Stem Cell Application to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

Undifferentiated adult stem cells can easily change their form and transform into the cells of countless organs and structures within the human body. Used in various therapies, they can heal damaged fibers and rejuvenate failing cells using cell division, a process in which they multiply indefinitely. Stem cell research has seen vast improvements in recent times with many new developments and discoveries being made.

Angeles Hospital’s Unique Stem Cell Application Program

Angeles Health developed the Adult Autologous Stem Cell (A-ASC) Therapy program to relieve a variety of syndromes, including Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is managed with autologous adult stem cells, cells that are harvested from the patient themselves. There is almost no possibility of a patient’s body rejecting their own stem cells.

Angeles hospital’s doctors work with stem cells that are from the patient’s bone marrow and adipose tissue, or fat. As adipose tissue extraction is superior to bone marrow extraction, due to it yielding up to ten times more stem cells, it is more commonly used. Bone marrow extraction is more challenging to carry out and is not applied so frequently.
The progressive and therapeutic endovascular placement of adipose-derived adult autologous stem cells at Hospital Angeles enables organs and tissues to be targeted directly.

A specialized catheterization procedure that is non-invasive and comfortable for the patient is our chosen method. Stem cells can be spread throughout the body, there is no need for anesthesia and it is completed in less than an hour.

Angeles Health International is a Center of Excellence that offers Alzheimer’s patients the most innovative therapies of the highest quality and confidence. Expert medical practitioners work continuously to define best practice. Collaboratively they measure results and establish outstanding treatment protocols. The Center of Excellence functions with staff that adhere to formally appointed bodies of expertise. The highest standards of treatment and investigative research are maintained at all times.

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