What is Stem Cell Application?

Stem cells are human or animal cells that are undifferentiated, meaning they have the ability to transform into different organ cells. They are highly useful in various treatments as they heal damaged fibres and repair weak cells through cell division, a process in which they multiply indefinitely.

stem cells in a tray

Angeles hospital’s stem cell therapies use human, adult stem cells only and in most cases the cells are autologous, which means they come from the patient’s own body. This removes any ethical dilemmas a patient may have faced had they been considering embryonic stem cell application and also means there is less of a chance of a patient rejecting the cells due to them being from a foreign body.

At Angeles Health our autologous stem cell application usually involves stem cells from the patient’s adipose tissue (fat) or bone marrow. We commonly use adipose tissue, or fat, as it produces up to ten times more stem cells than bone marrow extraction.

Stem cell application can be used for various medical conditions including heart problems such as congestive heart failure and stroke, and respiratory illnesses like COPD.

Angeles Health provides stem cell application in Mexico

Angeles Health provides stem cell application in Mexico

Angeles Health is in fact a Bioheart stem cell center of excellence and has made great progress in using stem cell application for heart conditions. Many of our patients have made significant progress after the devastating experiencing of suffering a heart attack. You can see one of great success stories on the stem cell application testimonial page.

To find out if you are a candidate for one of our patient funded stem cell application trials please contact us using the form on the right.

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